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    May 3, 2016. JSC "Energesman" in Vilnius, Jočionių st. 13, put into operation mechanical biological treatment (MBT) plant. As of that day, all of Vmixed municipal waste generated in Vilnius city, Vilnius, Trakai, Elektrėnai, Ukmergė, Švenčionys, Šalčininkai and Širvintų municipalities districts are delivered to MBT facilities. An average of 800 tons on daily bases and up to 1000 tons during holidays of mixed municipal waste is delivered the the plant per day.
    We believe in the ZERO WASTE ideology, so all delivered municipal waste is sorted into secondary raw materials that can be reused in production processes (metal, glass, various plastics, cardboard) and the remaining waste is converted into refuse-derived fuel (RDF) that can be used in energy production.

    Take care

    Every year we handle about 230 000 tons of mixed municipal waste

    Sort out

    Every year we sort out and deliver to the market about 12 000 tons of secondary raw materials


    Sorted secondary raw materials are sold in domestic and external markets for further use


    Biodegradable waste is processed and prepared for further use

    Manual sorting

    The first part of the waste sorting process. Workers manually select the inappropriate waste, colored and transparent films, cardboard, glass, PET, HDPE, PP, metals, brick-stones, tires, wood, electronics.

    Rotary drum

    Sifting of the remaining waste by fractions (80mm - mostly earth (compost) -> 300mm mainly plastics, films, HDPE, PP, PET -> large, from which solid recovered fuel is prepared).

    Magnetic separation

    Magnetic impact of the screened waste stream separating ferrous or non-ferrous metals from it.

    Ballistic separation

    Separation of dried compost by fractions (2D - mainly flat objects such as papers, films, etc., then fine earth 2cmx2cm; 3D mainly bottle glass necks, ceramics, pebbles, etc.).

    Optical separator

    Separation of certain plastics by using compressed air from the remaining waste

    What is Vilnius MBT

    Fun facts


    Garbage trucks per day

    up to 1K t.

    Waste per day

    up to 50 t.

    Secondary raw materials per day

    up to 40 t.

    Glass per day

    Our team

    Kęstutis Runkevičius
    Technical director

    Vitolda Stragienė
    Environmental Manager

    Žygimantas Mačiulis
    Logistics manager

    Aušra Kancevičienė
    Finansial analyst

    Linas Kybartas
    Sales manager

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    JSC "Energesman"

    Jočionių g. 13, 02300

    Vilnius, Lietuva

    Company code 302808364

    VAT code LT100008166712

    Telephone / fax:

    +370 5 219 07 84